The Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL) is committed to exponentially broadening access to research collections in Australian universities through a digitisation program that will provide inspirational resources for learning and teaching, expose raw materials for ground-breaking research and engage communities of scholars and the educated public. The program will safeguard resources for future generations, facilitate a multi-disciplinary approach, encourage collaboration, and foster an integrated approach across institutions.

An Australian program

  • CAUL will co-ordinate a digitisation program across Australian university libraries to create high quality collections to support learning, teaching, research and engagement
  • Through consultation within the sector and other national bodies CAUL will define guiding criteria to inform prioritisation and selection of collections for digitisation
  • Work with funders and key stakeholders nationally to co-ordinate digitisation policy and investment and ensure that overlap in digitisation programs can be minimised to achieve a nationally cohesive vision/program.
  • Lead the sector in defining standards and best practices for digital capture, description and preservation.
  • Utilise digitisation as a tool to preserve collections and make valuable information available without jeopardising its integrity.
  • Maximise access and use so that researchers will have optimal access to digital collections and showcase Australian content to the world.
  • Support growth in organisational capability, skills and knowledge by sharing best practice and infrastructure,

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